Ghazwatulhind Authentic References – Sunan-Nasai Vol.2

In lots of discussions online and elsewhere, Ghazwatulhind is often described as a “myth” and its Ahadith are described as “fabricated”. Even some Muslims in India like to deny them in swing of Patriotism for their homeland. To answer this heinous propaganda against Islam and the Ahadith, I am attaching reference of Ghazwatulhind which is present in Sunan-Nasai, one of the 6 Authentic Books of Ahadith in Islam. Regarding Ghazwatulhind, there are two Ahadith available at the mentioned page number.

Sunan Nasai – Volumen No. 2,
Chapter “Kitab-ul-Jihad”
Sub-Chapter “Ghazwatulhind”
Page No.  63

Online Reference:
Scroll to Page No. 337/580.

For quick review, I am placing a screen-shot of Ahadith and their translation but I encourage everybody to explore the original references and witness these Ahdith themselves.

Ghazwatulhind in the books of Islam - Sunan Nasai Vol. 2


11 Responses to “Ghazwatulhind Authentic References – Sunan-Nasai Vol.2”

  1. […] The undeniable references Ghazwatulhind is available in Sunan Nasai, Volume No. 2, Chapter: Kitab-al-JJihad, SubChapter: Ghazwatulhind but here are more of those to explain the context further. Learn More about it Over here. […]

  2. […] Regarding References, well this is where I need an apology from you. Apology is for references not translated in English. On the same blog, you can find reference screenshots over here. […]

  3. so groups therefore target pakistan as once part of india

  4. No doubt that the hadith is either Sahih or Hasan, but how do we know that this hadith relates to the current/future time as opposed to the original conquest of Hindh by the Muslims?


  5. Present day Pakistan was part of Hind. So Ghazwa-e-Hind begins with Pakistan. The TTP therefore use this logic and attack Pakistan believing it to be a fulfillment of the Ghazwa-eHind myth.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Its not Myth and you would be equally wrong in refusing to accept its reality as much people who are trying to misuse them.

      But I agree Pakistan was itself once part of India and these Ahadith may reflect Pakistan as much as India being Hindustan. However, even though Pakistan has been part of Hindustan, it doesn’t get its identity from this name but we on the other side have been keeping this identity from centuries and will keep carrying it till the end of times. If anything can hurt India, it would be imbalance so lets not try to make stories or deny realities. We’ve lived as Proud Indians and will be that – always.

  6. […] The undeniable references Ghazwatulhind is available in Sunan Nasai, Volume No. 2, Chapter: Kitab-al-JJihad, SubChapter: Ghazwatulhind but here are more of those to explain the context further. Learn More about it Over here. […]

  7. all three ahadith have Abu Bakr az Zubaidi in their chain of narrators, who is Majhool al Haal (unknown), making these ahadith daeef.

  8. sheeraz ahmad Says:

    this hadees sharif related to hindustan that is way pakistan bangladesh is separated from hindustan now kashmir is also want to separate from hindustan . it is fix to india now a day bcz india is a no. in shriky country

  9. People believe in such primitive concept are still living a primal and medieval period life. You all need to have proper education, Historical education , Science and human studies. Gazwa-e-Hind.. Do you know the History of the land of india .it’s the only surviving culture for last 3000 years . 3000 years before ISLAM and surviving till today, flourished many religion. Monotheism is described in Rigveda 1000 years before Abraham. Do these primitive people think to destroy human civilization on the land where every year one Prophet, philosopher , scientist are born.. Learn ethics, values, humanity, science , philosophy, mathematics and art. Develop some philosophy for human harmony. Do you have anything than killing people and imposing own ideologies. GAJWA-E-HIND .. A TERRORIST’S KIND OF DREAM. Be cultured and human and spread love , peace and good life than just infatuating about life destructing ideas.

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