Prediction of India-Pakistan war by Nosterdameous – A Wrong Interpretation

[X.96] The Religion of the name of the seas will win out Against the sect of the son of “Adaluncatif”: The stubborn, lamented sect will be afraid of the two wounded by A and A.

The religion of the name of the seas may be “Hindu”. The word Indian came from the word Hindu and Indians call the Indian Ocean “Hind Mahasagar (Ocean)” and India as “Hindustan”, literally meaning the land of the Hindus. No other major religion has any remote connection in its name with any ocean.

“Adaluncatif” – whatever or whoever this is, this surely is a Muslim sounding name. The sect of the son of Adaluncatif is then Islam. “The stubborn, lamented sect” – Nostradamus’s way of describing Islam). “A & A” – the name of the person “Adaluncatif” contains these initial alphabets.

May be some thing like Acdun-al-Atif (Abdul-al-Atif?) or something close. What is apparent is that “Adaluncatif” – a Muslim will carry out an attack against the people whose religion is of the name of the seas (probably Hindus) who, in turn, will then retaliate causing the Muslims to fear them.

This might indicate a future attack on two senior Indian leaders by Islamic Terrorists, which will injure the two leaders, but will fail to kill them. These leaders will then order retaliatory attacks on Pakistan, which will cause fear among them. Ultimately, India will win the war against Pakistan.


India-Paksitan War – Will it be India who would win?

Lets put some facts straight which are wrongly put in the above quoted interpretation.

The word “Hind” refers to the Civilization that established by the river “Sindh” and the people who spread from that area were identified as “Hindus”.

The word Hindu is the Persian name of the Indus River (Sanskrit Sindhu) in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent.[3] The Persian term was further loaned into Arabic as al-Hind referring to the land of the people who live across river Indus, and into Greek as Indos, whence ultimately English India.[4] By the 13th century, Hindustān emerged as a popular alternative name of India, meaning the “land of Hindus”.[5]


So the argument that Hindu is Religion of name of the seas is factually wrong. Name “Indian Ocean” was named after the land “Hind” as “Hind’s (Indian) Ocean” not the other way around.

Second, “Adaluncatif” – whatever or whoever this is, this surely is a Muslim sounding name.”

No its not Muslim Sounding name. You might be confusing it with “Abdul” (which means the one who worships) but Muslims put “Abdul” before names of Almighty Allah like “AbdulSamad” and “AbdulRazaq” where “Samad” and “Razaq” are names of Allah.  Complete Names of Allah are available over here.
Reference to Names of Allah:

For a moment, lets assume this is “abdul” which Nostradamus actually meant. The now look at the second word Adaluncatif. “UNCATIF” is not a name of Allah or something even 10% close to any of His names. So whoever “Adaluncatif” is used for, it is not about Muslims.

Third, if we, by forcing ourselves,  accept the word “Adaluncatif” is actually “Abd-al-Latif” then Abdul-Latif must have been some of the “originators of Islam” or “some Great King” or “Caliph” or a Spiritual Leader/Politician who Nostradamus is actually referring to but there is no one who holds this name and who have been either a king (let along a be great king) or Caliph or somebody important by who’s reference Muslims could be Identified.

Forth, Muslims are only identified by reference of Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Even Shias (who are a major sect of Islam) and who have great affection with Hazrat Ali (R.Z) are still followers of Prophet Mohammad PBUH.

Concluding, neither there has been any leader of Pakistan by the name Abdul-Latif neither Hind is religion of name of seas. So what you are referring to is not relevant in the context you are putting.  If you are eager to learn more about “Adluncatif”, try visiting the This website. For Nosterdameous’ prophecy about India in context, visit Nuclear War Lost By Country Symbolized by 3 Lions.

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10 Responses to “Prediction of India-Pakistan war by Nosterdameous – A Wrong Interpretation”

  1. indian article directory…

    […]Prediction of India-Pakistan war by Nosterdameous – A Wrong Interpretation «[…]…

  2. arabian sea
    sea name with religion
    alef in arabic for america & england

  3. The word Sindhu is a Sanskrit name and denotes the seven-river system that charaterised the subcontinental civilisation. It is first found in the Rig Veda, the ancient Hindu text. And yes, you should have reasons to worry as it means born of rivers, seas or water in a generic sense. They are the ones who will put a stop to your Caliphate wetdreams

  4. io studio nostradamus da 30anni conosco molte quartine a memoria la mia interpretazione è completamente diversa. adaluncatif si riferisce a obama vi spiego il perchè.. anagrammando ada=INFERNO VEDI ADE ,LUN=nero. catif.vedi quartina x9 =nella foresta di figueras attuali isole doveè nato obama,in un giorno di nebbia da donna sconosciuta nascerà sovrano sopprannome di cacciatore bracco per un suo postumo.mai vi fu così peggiore cattivo nella sua provincia

  5. per quanto riguarda chiren il re che salverà ilpianeta si tratta di sua altezza principe ranieri di monaco perchè anagrammando enrico che è l esatto contrario di chiren si ottiene ranieri manca solo la a questo è tipico di nostradamus anche hitler viene chiamato istler

  6. complete stupidity **** u man. name of seas in hindi ” hindu mahasagar” lamented sect is muslims ……..india will kill all the muslims

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Abuse is not going to help India. I wish you had done some research and presented arguments sensibly.

      • Dear Ghazwaltulhind,

        I really appreciate your patience when you reply to abusing messages. My view is that :

        The religion of the name of the sea : Must be HINDU because no one uses HINDU except for the below-mentioned :

        * Hindu Mahasagar : The Indian Ocean
        * Hindus themselves : who are born as Hindus
        * ghazwatulhind
        * Some terrorist organizations run by Hindus & Muslims

        My argument is that the origin of the word may be from anywhere but Hindus have been using it for themselves for the last 5000 odd years. & I don’t think Persia has that much of history & culture.
        I am against wars anyway. All Pakistanis & Indian Muslims should know that there were Hindus once..then there is no need of a war…i hope you agree.

  7. i mean to say…before the arrival of islam everyone was a hindu in the subcontinent….

  8. although it may be correct that ocean was named after hind land,,,,but nostradamus in not talking about sea named after religion or religion named after sea,,,,he is talking about ‘religion which has the name of sea’ and it is hindu,,,but i dont know who is adaluncatif,,,and also i want to say one thing nostradamus quatrains are ambiguos in meaning

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