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GhawatulHind – War of Muslim World with India

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Hello Everybody,

Has anybody done more research or are there any questions further?

Anyway, GhazwatulHind is not the War of Pakistan/Bangladesh/China with India, its War of Muslims with Hind no matter wherever they are. When Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH has given us those valuable Ahadith, he was in Arabia and if Abu Huraira GBPWH is willing to participate, understand what does it implies.

It is very likely that Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh (Neighboring States of India)would be destroyed within a week of starting this war and if so happens, I along with Millions of other Muslims of the region would have been dead. So responsibility of fighting the war will be with you, Muslims who live in the Middle East, Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Please understand importance of this ghazwa and your contribution to it. Discuss it with your scholars, question them, ask them for explanation, do everything that you need to do in order to confirm their authenticity and when you are sure, educate other Muslims about it. This is Maktoob (written) and probably we will see it within our life time.

May Allah help us in our hard times and give us courage, wisdom and power to stand against the might of evils and defeat them.