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International Scenario of 4th War

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Not all is well for India nor do its foreign policies. India which was considered once a non-violence country which advocated peace has no more that kind of brand stamped on it. After its open support to Srilanka’s Government sponsored terrorism against Tamilians in that country, which as a matter of fact has gone worst with Tamilians still being killed there without any account, India is at the receiving end now.

A war in future seems certain bettween Pakistan and India, as Mahatma Gandhi predicted this war could bring in worst things with untold sufferings.

China for some reason is provoking India by making incursions in the Indian borders by flying its helicopters and marching its soldiers.

In all probabality the next war could be a combination of Pakistan and Chinese forces against Indian forces. The danger now confronting India is that it is not in the same position as before to take help from its friendly countries. There is doubt if any country would come forward to help India at that time of crisis.

Pakistan itself may not be interested in a war with India since the people of Pakistan may not want so, but China wants a war with India but it wants to give a back-side support to Pakistan instead of directly waging war with India.

One thing is certain even if India does not want war, China will force a war upon it and will corner India on all sides. Both Pakistan and Srilanka will give China a good support in the fight against India.

This time as already said India may fall short of any help from other countries due to its bad foreign relations under the present Government.



Mahatma Gandhi’s Prophecy – 4 Wars with Pakistan

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“The Partition of India will be the cause of Four Wars with Pakistan.”

mahatma-gandhiBefore Gandhi’s martyrdom, and before he received the title Mahatma (great soul), he prophesied that any partition of India would magnify the historic discord and suspicion between Muslims and Hindus in South Asia. Partition, he said, would destine India and Pakistan to fight four wars — each more terrible than the last.

Gandhi lived to see the first Indo-Pakistani war erupt in the mountains of Jammu-Kashmir at the close of 1947.  In 1965, India and Pakistan fought a second and much larger war over dominion of Kashmir across the frontiers of West Pakistan.  A third and even bloodier Indo-Pakistani conflict came six years later in 1971.


It remains a question that why Mahatma Gandhi did not reveal result of 4th and the final war. Had he revealed the results, Indians would fight that with higher level of moral. Is 4th war of Mahatma Gandhi the battle of Ghazwatulhind?  According to Muslim Scriptures, this war will be one of the toughest and that is why Muslim Warriors are promised of great reward in case of “Shahadat” (the one who dies in the battle field) or being “Ghazi” (survives of the battle).  According to Muslims, this War will be won by Muslims and Muslims will chain the Sultan of Hind. Is it a fact that India will lose the war? Are these prophecies really true?  Considering Mahatma Gandhi’s Prophecies, 3 of them have been true already… Want to bet on 4th?