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History of Islamic Expeditions against Hind

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Ghazawatulhind has recently got a lot of attention and an intense debate is found on the top on two opponent fronts. There are 10s of blogs and websites who project Ghazwa-e-Hind as a hoax and myth. Where I respect their opinions, I want to bring historical references to their attention and the fact that these Ahadith are 1400+ years old and it is not possible that these Ahadith got “discovered” only now and these were never discussed or believed in the time before us.

Lets have a look at some of the expeditions that were launched towards India by Muslims in the near and distant past.

Hafiz Ibn Kathir [Author of Tafseer Ibn Kathir] in his another book “Al Bidaya Wan Nihaya” [From the Beginning to End]’s last Volume “Al Nihaya Wal Bidaya” had discussed this Hadith of Ghazwa-e-Hind and in total had given names of more than one such Islami Military Campaigns on Hind [many Deobandis and other Mullahs in India and Pakistan too are now being apologetically say that many campaigns were not for the sake of Islam – what a joke] . The commentary by Ibn-e-Kathir [Mohaddis] on that “Ghazwa-e-Hind Hadith is worth reading and he interpreted that Hadith [with Historical References and Health of the Narrators’ Chain] and clearly written that all those Islamic Armies who launched expedition on Hind [Ibn Kathir was an Scholar of Hadith and History and his School of Thought was of same which is now followed in Saudi Arabia and Wahabi Belt] were Jihad and he included Mohammad Bin Qasim and Mahmood Bin Subugtagin [Mehmood Ghaznavi] and many other Turks Kings. He included China and Central Asia while interpreting these Hadiths. [Reference: Authenticity of Hadiths anc Narrators get Al Taqreeb by Ibn Hajar Asqalani.]

And before Muhammad Bin Qasim’s Army.

Abdullah Shah Ghazi is considered to be patron saint of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The dargah of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is located in Clifton neighborhood of Saddar Town in Karachi. The real name of Abdullah Shah Ghazi was Abdulla bin Nahban and he was a General in Umayyad Army who died at Debal while trying to conquer Sindh in 711 CE. This army was led by Abdulla bin Nahban and Badil bin Tuhfa, respectively and were both defeated at Debal. According to Dr. Daud Pota the tomb of Abdullah Shah at Clifton in Karachi is of this General, Abdulla bin Nabhan. [Nuzahat ul Khawatir by Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Former Head of Daul Uloom Deoband and his father Abdul Hai Nadvi]

Please keep one thing in Mind that First Islamic Army rather a Trade Delegation had arrived in South India [Malabar] during the Rule of Hazrat Uthman [May Allah be pleased with him] – The first ship bearing Muslim travelers was seen on the Indian coast as early as 630 AD. H.G. Rawlinson, in his book: Ancient and Medieval History of India claims the first Arab Muslims settled on the Indian coast in the last part of the 7th century AD.

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It is also an important to remember that Muslim Warriors (after becoming victorious in constantinople and which was also prophesied by Prophet Muhammad PBUH) launched numerous campaigns on India. Mahmood Ghouri, Mahmood Ghaznavi and Mohammad Bin Qasim, the Mughals, the Turks and forces coming from Central Asia kept attempting to conquer this land (Hind) which was pre-prophesiced. However none of the conducted campains resulted in fulfilment of prophecy as it has been told by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. As mentioned in Ahadith, Hazrat Isa will appear within a short span of time after Muslims become victorious and the same Muslim Army who conquered Hind will join him in Syria for the fight against Anti-Christ (Arabic name Dajjal). So until that happens, Muslims will keep attempting to fulfill this prophecy.