Verify GhazwatulHind Hadith Online

Somehow there is this misinformation among Muslims that either Ahadith of GhazwatulHind are fake or weak. Ahadith of GhazwatulHind are found in Sunan-Nasai which is 3rd most credible book of Ahadith after Sahi Bukhari and Sahi Muslim.

You can find these Ahadith online in Sunun Nasai over following URL. Search for Chapter No. 41 – Invading India and go through its Ahadith. Also check the level of authenticity of these Ahadith and one of the Hadith is Husun while two others are rated as Daief.

May Allah help you all learn and spread the words of Prophet Muhammad SAWW.


One Response to “Verify GhazwatulHind Hadith Online”

  1. Dear Author/Concerned

    A very nicely written article. Although there are some things said spot on, unfortunately some of the things said in Sunan-Nasai have been misinterpreted. For example, there is no mention of Pakistan in and that is because at the time these things were said there was NO Pakistan and only HIND (India) and the part that states that Pakistan will lose a lot of its land has already happened in the form of Bangladesh (once part of Pakistan). Please understand the Quran and Hadiths use metaphoric abbreviations to state certain incidents so there is always a chance of misinterpretations. Furthermore, the rise of an army with unique strength and ability is also misinterpreted here, that region is part of Baluchistan sistan and some part of Punjab inside to Khyver Pakhtoonkha to some region of Afghanistan. As evident and looking at current events kindly view how INDIA (Hind) and other western countries are playing their role in destabilizing these areas mentioned by me.

    Also please note that Pakistan in this role is not the minion and china is not playing its role against India, it is India that is being used to fulfill the desires of the community creating an ideal atmosphere for the Anti Christ also known as Dajjal. Which the muslims of this side will understand once Ghazwatulhind is over and eventually move to defeat that army. The ghazwatulhind will eventually turn into a world war and thus an army led by the Messiah Imam Mehdi (RA) will fight an army under 70 flags which will defeat Hindustan and over come it once in for all.

    As far as any one saying that Pakistan will lose everything and that 6 mile radius thing no such authenticated statement was made by Shah Naimat, There is only one way to find out let the time show us all.


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