Classification of Ahadith and GhazwatulHind

Ahadith in Islam are classified according to their degree of authenticity and credibility of narrator. Ahadith have following classifications.

  1. Sahih: A Sahih hadith is the one which has a continuous isnad, made up of reporters of trustworthy memory from similar authorities, and which is found to be free from any irregularities (i.e. in the text) or defects (i.e. in the isnad).
  2. Hasan: Al-Khattabi, it is defined as “It is the one where its source is known and its reporters are unambiguous”
  3. Da’if: A hadith which fails to reach the status of Hasan is Da`if. Usually, the weakness is one of discontinuity in the isnad.
  4. Maudu: fabricated, forged

Some readers have claim that Ahadith of GhazwatulHind are Daeef but I wanted to correct their misconseption that this is what is being spread by uninformed people. These Ahadith are found in Sunun-Nasai with complete chain of narration but despite their chain of Narration, two Ahaidht are still called Da’if but one Hadith is Hasan. There are 14 other Ahadith about GhazwatulHind which are not reffered because their chain of Narration is not dependable – but – how can you deny existence of this Hadith when it is Hasan?

People who fail to research and make their opinions because of some political, sectarian and relegious biase are invited to read the books of Sunnah and only deny them if their research leads them to that. Sunun-Nasai, the Sunun-Al-Sughra is shorter version of Sunun-Nasai-AlKubra and contains most credible Ahadith of the collection of Immam Nasai.

More information about the classification on Ahadith can be found here.

Download Sunun-Nasai

You can download Sunun-Nasai and study these Ahadith yourself. For the given link, Ahadith of GhazwatulHind are found in Book No. 4, Book Page No. 67, Chapter 41: Invading India, Ahadith No. 3175, 3176, 3177.

Its always better to do research before making an opinion, specially on religious matters which can guide or misguide you.





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