International Scenario of 4th War

Not all is well for India nor do its foreign policies. India which was considered once a non-violence country which advocated peace has no more that kind of brand stamped on it. After its open support to Srilanka’s Government sponsored terrorism against Tamilians in that country, which as a matter of fact has gone worst with Tamilians still being killed there without any account, India is at the receiving end now.

A war in future seems certain bettween Pakistan and India, as Mahatma Gandhi predicted this war could bring in worst things with untold sufferings.

China for some reason is provoking India by making incursions in the Indian borders by flying its helicopters and marching its soldiers.

In all probabality the next war could be a combination of Pakistan and Chinese forces against Indian forces. The danger now confronting India is that it is not in the same position as before to take help from its friendly countries. There is doubt if any country would come forward to help India at that time of crisis.

Pakistan itself may not be interested in a war with India since the people of Pakistan may not want so, but China wants a war with India but it wants to give a back-side support to Pakistan instead of directly waging war with India.

One thing is certain even if India does not want war, China will force a war upon it and will corner India on all sides. Both Pakistan and Srilanka will give China a good support in the fight against India.

This time as already said India may fall short of any help from other countries due to its bad foreign relations under the present Government.



6 Responses to “International Scenario of 4th War”

  1. The hindu warrior Says:

    China cant dare to attack india because this type of rubbish will start a 3rd world war with japan and USA OPENLY SUPPORTING INDIA AND CHINEASE dividided into 3 fronts this will only invite disaster.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      I agree USA would like to extend its support to the degrees possible but USA is on decline and if we are talking of an era somewhere 6-10 years ahead, USA would have lost most of its shine and potency. Because of struggling economy and further consequence of that, it is even hard for it to attach Iran which it wants so desperately. So expecting USA to participate on a war itself is bit overstretching.

  2. The hindu warrior Says:

    Hllo sir and thanxx for ur reply. But i would like to add that every1 in the world knows that all the pakistanis have nightmaric dreams about capturing the land of world’s most ancient religion.but if u don’t expect USA TO support india then it is also not fair to expect afghanistan and turks to support pakistan because looking at their present relations with india it doesn’t seem pretty for pak. And for eg. if we look at past in 1965 and 1971 pak was also expecting china to support it but china didn’t because of indian millitary relations with russia. So ghazwut ul hind doesn’t look possible in 21st century

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      I agree with your assessment of the troubled Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as Turkey and its likelihood of participating in any war actively. However lets not over-look the way Turkey is changing its stance from being a pro-American/Israel to pro-Islamist. When you look at Afghanistan, it is also coming out of troubled era and a new fundamentalist government is likely to take-over again. These countries are in no way a threat in current situation but how can we over-look where they are heading.

      I am not asking to worry nor undergo a phobia of war or getting attacked – BUT one must not deny possibility of danger specially when it is becoming palpable. You only undergo a war when everything else you had has failed.

      • Anti-muslim warrior Says:

        What rubbish is this. I think all these muslim propheceis are not realistic. Acc. To the texts of hindus kalki avatar will take birth by 2045 and will demolish every muslim and evil powers from this world. And also please tell me do you think that any muslim country is in condition to challenge indian might.and for ur kind information by march 2012 india is going to become 6th country to possess nuclear submarine no other muslim country possesses nuclear power in terms of all 3 medium.

  3. well wisher Says:

    anti muslim brother grow up man …… look around the world whats goin on ther.. the propheceis are came to real . abut kalki avatar may be ‘jesus christ ‘pbom, but he is comming for muslims he cammand to kill pigs and israelies..he ill rule the world for 40 years.
    search all prepheceis u ill get answer….

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