Unfolding Chinese Turks and Iranian Collaboration with Pakistan

While describing the scenario of Ghazwa-e-Hind, Niamatullah Shah Wail has foretold that 4 countries will make an alliance against India to conquer and will be victorious. He mentioned that China, Turkey, Iran and Afghans will fight as an alliance to conquer Hind.  Niamatullah Shah Wali has described these countries in two separate verses as follows.

“Chinese, Turks and Iranians will be on one side”

And in another verse he mentions

“Afghan, residents of Dhakan and Iranians will be among who conquer Hind”

If we analyze the international scenarior, Pakistan has developed exceptional military relationship with China and India has lost its relationship meantime. Now most of the Indians take China more of a threat than they take Pakistan.

In parallel to that Pakistan, Iran and Turkey are getting closer with time. Pakistan, Iran and Turkey are being joined with railway links and military cooperation is gradually on the rise. Multi billion dollars Iran-Pakistan (Previously known as IPI – Iran-Pakistan-India and now possibly Iran-Pakistan-China) gas pipeline is being constructed and these countries are softening their borders for trade and defense cooperation. Turkey hasn’t been India’s friend but surprisingly enough, Iran, the country India has been keeping as an ally, is slowly being sidelined because of India-USA and India-Israel strengthening ties. India opted out of IPI gas project and opposed Iran on a very crucial issue of Nuclear Weapons openly supporting USA.

It is also important to note that Niamatuallah Shah Wali has mentioned these 4 countries in two separate groups. In the first group, he only mentioned China, Turkey and Iran who would be on “one side” and in the other verse, he mentioned Afghans, Iranians and Dhakani (residents of city Dhakan, India, who also support organizations like SIMI and Indian Mujahidin) would conquer India.  If we analyze the first group of 3 countries, we would notice these are the countries that have capacity to provide military support while the other group, that also has Iran mentioned again, could be actively involved in the battle with their troops (or countrymen) fighting against Indian Army.

Surprisingly, people of Pakistan or Pakistan as a country is not mentioned anywhere. As it has been described by many Sufis (Muslim Saints) and also by Niamatullah Shah Wali that Pakistan will lose its territory to India and because of nuclear attacks, ‘one man in the 6 miles radius will survive to light a lamp at night’. Keeping this aspect in mind, it is likely that Pakistan as a country would perish away while Iranians, Afghans and Muslims of India would make the alliance to conquer Hind up to the river Ganga as described.


15 Responses to “Unfolding Chinese Turks and Iranian Collaboration with Pakistan”

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  4. rana ali akhtar alam khan Says:

    AoA……. If Pakistan is not to survive this scenerio then i dont believe this stuff!

    Pakistan is a great NATION comprising of rajputs,punjabis,syed(arabs),turks,pashtuns,balouch,sindhi,tajiks and hazara!



  5. Sounds to me like the Pakistanis would prefer to project their own dreams for all others. I haven’t come across a single Turk or Iranian with even a hint of fantasy towards conquering India, let alone Afghans who for the most part have their eyes set on the Indus River, rather than Ganga….something tells me they’re going to get it. ;~)

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Niamatullah Shah Wali was Kashmiri and his productions are about Indian sub-continent. Had he predicted about Iran or Turkey, they must have been discussing him.

      Just to remind you, Naimatulalh’s predictions have been accurate to a degree of 100.00% so even if no other country discusses them, there is enough reason for Muslims of Indian Subcontinent to learn from them.

  6. bader bilal Says:

    ****** liars pakistan is the main barrier for india if pakistan is not surviving then you should know that there wouldnt be any ghazwae hind because in the quran it ssays one nation will have an attack from west and east means isreal and india unfortunately pakistan is the one nation whom they both fear the most….

  7. Narinder Tiwari Says:

    Time has come for the Muslim to spend time and energy to some innovative and creative work. Most of country where Muslim are around 100% or close to 100% are fighting with each other for some minor issue. Human history already have seen so much blood shed in past few century on the name of religion. I am not sure which war you want to provoked with this is new prophecy.

  8. Md. Abdur Rahman Bhuiyan Says:

    Residents of Dhakan may be Naimat Shah’s way of describing the people of Dhaka,capital of Bangladesh. As you know, Bangladesh was once a part of British India and later Pakistan.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      People of Bangladesh are known as “Bengalis” or “Bangladeshis” but not “Dhakians”. If Naimat Shah meant people of Bangladesh, he would have referred them as Bengalis. In some other verses, Niamatullah Shah wali has referred Bangladesh as “Sharki” (Eastern) and Pakistan as “Gharbi” (Western) part. These are the verses in which Niamatullah has mentioned “Sharki” undergoing a conflict with “Gharbi” and “Sharki”. That is another clue that if Niamatullah meant Bangladesh, he would have used “Sharki” which he has used in other verses as well.

      Now looking at the geopolitical situation and the situation in Bangladesh, in any future conflict between India and Pakistan, Bangladesh as a country is likely to side with India or at best stay neutral but not side with Pakistan. But lets remember that Muslims from all corners of the word will be joining the GhazwatulHind and it is possible that Bengalis would be part of them.

  9. Shutt your mouth about Pakistan.

  10. Musaafir Says:

    Assalam o Alikum, Well I am seeing some people are very much dismayed by the suggestion that Pakistan will be wiped out and there is a good reason for that, other verses of naimat shah says that there will be 3 wars on attock river in which hindus will be killed in a such a huge amount that river will run red. Now if you see attock on the map there are two possibilities, one initially we’ll have some losses that will be taken back with the help of above mentioned nations. But second one is that as you know Afghan govt is an Indian puppet and they claim Pakistani area up to Attock. Hence it is a great chance that India will mak its military bases in Afghanistan and will invade from there along with Afgh military but Afghan public and Taliban will fight against India. Furthermore after CPEC now china will have to fight directly in case Indian invasion. Also naimat Shah predicts a war in northern areas and in Tibet , Nepal clearly in this war India has to fight both pak and china.

  11. Ebad Ur Rehman Says:

    Stop Doing This When The Time Come Non-Muslim Will Understand What is Going On And What is Going to Happen…. We Born With Islam We Stay With Islam We Die For Islam…. And Our Prophet PBUH Never Says A Lie All Of His Sayings are Base On Truth… Soon You Will See The Time Is Near And The Battle Will Start From Shaam And After That Our Turn To Do something…
    Pakistan ZIndabad

  12. i do not see any nuclear war between Pakistan and India .Also the niamatullah shah wali predicted that Pakistan will lose its terrorities but it will recapture it and also conquer Delhi .I think Pakistan ,Turkey and Iranian and Afghan mujahideen along with Pakistan Army conquer India .It is possible .After this war ,India will become a Muslim country forever.

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