Naimatullah Shah Wali’s Predictions – 4 Wars with Hind

Naimatuallah Shah Wali was a Muslim Suffi who predicted 800 years of happenings in future. From the arrival of British Merchants to their departure from Indian Subcontinent, from the creation of Pakistan to breaking of Pakistan and other future wars that will be fought are mentioned with an accuracy of exact year, month and even days. Predictions of Niamatullah Shah Wali were so inspiring and accurate that British Government had abandoned his book and all the printed copies were burnt. Reason of this action was yet another prediction which said, “Rule of British over India would last less than 100 years” and British Government never liked any prophecy that would mention their time of demise.  British Rule ended in 1947 after 90 years of ruling over Indian Subcontinent.

According to Niamatullah Shah Wali, India will undergo 4 wars with Pakistan. In the light of his predictions, it is concluded that there has been two such wars since their independence in 1947. Niamatullah mentioned war of 65 would be the first war between India and Pakistan and it would last 17 days. He also predicted that flag bearer of India would die at the negotiations table. Indian Prime Minister, Mr Shastri died in Tashkent due to heart attack.

Niamatullah predicted that the second war with India would break Pakistan and in 71, East Pakistan separated as Bangladesh.

According to Niamatullah Shah Wali, the third war will be a regional war that will take place in the area comprising Chtral, Nangaperbat, Gilgit and Tibet. The war will be based on false accusations and will erupt suddenly. The war will remain undecided but as a result, an internal conflict within India would arise. As a result, whole Hind will undergo a chaos and turmoil.. and that will be start of GhazwatulHind.

GhazwatulHind, the 4th and final battle will be fought and will be a decisive battle. Warriors from the 4 corners would join hands and make an alliance against Hind and will conquer Hind upto the river Ganga. Niamatullah describes this fierce battle will last 6 years (mentioned as 6 months in few verses) and will be devastating for the mankind.

According to other Muslim Saints, the war will assassinate millions and only a person in 6 miles radius would survive to lit a lamp at night.  Today we know an estimated power of 100-200 KT Nuclear weapon is nearly the same and it would eliminate life within the area of roughly 6-8 miles diameter. India and Pakistan become Nuclear Powers in year 1998 and both have Nuclear weapons capable of such destruction. Consequently, it wont be a wonder if only one person in 6 miles radius would survive to lit a lamp at night.


47 Responses to “Naimatullah Shah Wali’s Predictions – 4 Wars with Hind”

  1. In the light of the sayings of the last Prophet (PBUH) and the subsequent predictions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we the muslim ummah believe in the destruction of India, and if it occurs before our eyes we pray Allah to give us the life of honor and death of martyrdom.

    Allah help the actors of Ghazwatul Hind & save our beliefs from the mischiefs and fascination of the devil.


  2. can any one intimate the web site from where i can read full text of saints predictions.


  3. Hindu Bhakt Says:

    Your reply sir shows the inherent violence in the minds of confused Muslims. I am a Hindu and it pains me when I see that, fools like you have still not understood a Hindu land that absorbed and respected the tenets of Islam and is shown such disrespect by you Muslims. May your Allah (peace be upon him) deliver you from ignorance and violence. It is because of such hatred that Islam today has become a symbol of terrorism. Please tell me which Islamic country provides reservations and government jobs to Hindus? Which Islamic country allows Hindus to become the Prime Minister or President of the state? My dear fool, flush your mind of evil. That is all I can say. Or prepare for the day when you face Allah and he asks you “What have you done in my name?”. You will not have an answer. Summa Amin

    • To much extent I agree with you, but not the expression. I wish you could be polite and supported your arguments rationally, in the perspective of History. You know that at one time the Indian rule was up-to whole Afghanistan and southern Iran. Now these are independent countries. Border lines of the countries are always carving out on the world map. India is not a divine country, many nations invaded India and became a part of it. India was not a united country either. Even during the powerful and long mughal era, south India never accepted the Mughal hegemony. India was only united under the British rule because of their powerful administrative system. The beauty of India is that though it is predominantly Hindu country but still over 500 hundred million Muslims living in the sub-continent. Indian philosophy is full of incite and do not discriminate on the basis of religion. Changes in demography are always taking place who knows what will be the situation after one hundred years. History moves on its own course and it moves ahead, no one can rotate the axis backward.

    • Pakistan Says:

      senseable answer….

    • india never belonged to hindus.muslims ruled over it for 1000 years.the british gave hindus the india.correct for ur foolish question that why not muslims make hindus there president than you must answer that why hindus kill and rape so many muslims in Kashmir and beyond.your these atrocities are shortening you peoples time in india

      • You pakis are all demons as quoted in hinduism righly….you deserves to be eliminated from the earth…will happen very soon…

  4. insallah is the culprit Says:

    Insallah seems to be letting down the pakis . Anyway below is a true prophecy from Nortradamus.

    Nostradamus Prophecy on Indo- Pak War

    Below is a quatrain of Nostradamus ( the French Seer ) . It is a prophecy of an Indo- Pak war . Taken from website ‘

    [X.96] The Religion of the name of the seas will win out Against the sect of the son of “Adaluncatif”: The stubborn, lamented sect will be afraid of the two wounded by A and A.

    The religion of the name of the seas may be “Hindu”. The word Indian came from the word Hindu and Indians call the Indian Ocean “Hind Mahasagar (Ocean)” and India as “Hindustan”, literally meaning the land of the Hindus. No other major religion has any remote connection in its name with any ocean. “Adaluncatif” – whatever or whoever this is, this surely is a Muslim sounding name. The sect of the son of Adaluncatif is then Islam. “The stubborn, lamented sect” – Nostradamus’s way of describing Islam). “A & A” – the name of the person “Adaluncatif” contains these initial alphabets. May be some thing like Acdun-al-Atif (Abdul-al-Atif?) or something close. What is apparent is that “Adaluncatif” – a Muslim will carry out an attack against the people whose religion is of the name of the seas (probably Hindus) who, in turn, will then retaliate causing the Muslims to fear them. This might indicate a future attack on two senior Indian leaders by Islamic Terrorists, which will injure the two leaders, but will fail to kill them. These leaders will then order retaliatory attacks on Pakistan, which will cause fear among them. Ultimately, India will win the war against Pakistan.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Let me help you understand some of the basics first.

      The word “Hind” is modified name for the Civilization that established by the river “Sindh” and the people who spread from that area were identified as “Hindus”.

      The word Hindu is the Persian name of the Indus River (Sanskrit Sindhu) in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent.[3] The Persian term was further loaned into Arabic as al-Hind referring to the land of the people who live across river Indus, and into Greek as Indos, whence ultimately English India.[4] By the 13th century, Hindustān emerged as a popular alternative name of India, meaning the “land of Hindus”.[5]


      So your initial argument that Hindu is Religion of name of the seas is factually wrong. Name “Indian Ocean” was named after the land “Hind” as “Hind’s (Indian) Ocean” not the other way around.

      Second, “Adaluncatif” – whatever or whoever this is, this surely is a Muslim sounding name.”
      No its not Muslim Sounding name. You might be confusing it with “Abdul” (which means the one who worships) but Muslims put “Abdul” before names of Almighty Allah like “AbdulSamad” and “AbdulRazaq” where “Samad” and “Razaq” are names of Allah. Complete Names of Allah are available over here. Reference to Names of Allah:

      For a moment, lets asume this is “abdul” which Nostradamus actually menat. The now look at the second word Adaluncatif. “UNCATIF” is not a name of Allah or something even 10% close to any of His names. So whoever “Adaluncatif” is used for, it is not about Muslims.

      Third, if we by force accept the word “Adaluncatif” is actually “Abd-al-Latif” then Abdul-Latif must have been some of the “originators of Islam” or “some great King” or “Caliph” who Nostradamus is actually referring to but there is no one who holds this name and who have been either a king (let along a be great king) or Caliph or somebody important by who’s reference Muslims could be Identified.

      Forth, Muslims are only identified by reference of Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Even Shias (who are a major sect of Islam) and who have great affection with Hazrat Ali (R.Z) are still followers of Prophet Mohammad PBUH.

      And Finally, Neither there has been any leader of Pakistan by the name Abdul-Latif neither Hind is religion of name of seas. So what you are referring to is not relevant in the context you are putting.

      Please do not hesitate to ask further questions or present evidences in the favor of your argument.

      • using your this argument that hind = sindh and hind is not india so how come muslims invade india, they should invade sindh and btw sindh is already muslim

    • i got it…….the religion of the name of the seas is Arabian sea..he said sea not ocean… its arabian sea and the religion is of the people of Arabia which then scattered into the world…then they name you mentioned ADALUNCATIF really really resembles ADRIPATHI which means master of the mountains, its a hindu name. then we know that the master of the mountains is Vishnu so the sect of the son of Vishnu is Hinduism…. “The stubborn, lamented sect” – Nostradamus’s way of describing Hinduism). “A & A” – the name of the person “Adaluncatif” contains these initial alphabets. maybe something like Aditya Adripathi or something close. what is apparent is that “Adaluncatif”..a hindu will carry an attack against the people of whose religion is of the name of the seas (remeber it says sea not OCEAN) who in turn will then retaliate causing Hindus to fear them… this might indicate a future attack on two senior Pakistani leaders by Hindu terrorist so sabha shabha whatever we all know indians attacked thier own delhi and the train attack ,and all the terrorism in Kashmir and Bangladesh and Nepal and south India E.T.C. AND if anyone is wondering whether they are terrorists or not they should know that they are, which will injure the two leaders but will fail to kill them…These leaders will then order retaliatory attack on India which will cause fear among them, ultimately, Pakistan will win the war against India….(now go and sleep even Nostradamus is against you) oh why will you sleep now..wake up man you guys are the loosers…

  5. No man…KALKI will come…will arrive finally though to defeat all the dark forces and establish Sanatana Dharma.

  6. Talking to hindus is an act of ideoticity. Even they themselves know that hindustan will be conqured, and above all, sayings of rasool allah, PBUH is the word of allah, which nobody can deny. Prophets dont have a word of their own, each word, act is the order of allah. Every prophet gave the prophecy of the following one. Therefore Ghuzwa has to take place and be ready my friends, the time is near, end of 2012 and start of 2013. Nobody on earth can trust indians, specialy Hindus. So if they feel staisfied by excuses, or bla bla, let them, we know the truth what will happen and when. Being an ex service man, let me tell indians, you dont have so many hair on your heads, the amount of nuclear devices we have, we even had them in 1984, but we didnt disclosed. we will will squash you, you never even had dreamt in life. Our speed, surprize, accuracy wont let you even open your eyes and you will be gone. If you are confident that traitor like zardari will save you, then.let me tell you, zardari is history. We will take the revenge of every wound from you, 1947, terrorism in NWFP, Balochistan, train burning, and so many other more, and let me tell you bastards, we wont take you prisoner, we will just shoot to kill and shoot at sight, woman, or child, or old….now we wont spare you, this i tell you. Therefore you can enjoy as much as you can, bark, against pakistan, as much as you can, for you can only bark, can do nothing now. We are coming.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Hello there,

      You being an ex-serviceman, I presume you will be in 50s and keeping respect for you, I wanted to mention that emotions cannot convince. You may be hurt and have complains about Indians, you still got to project your point with reasoning and logic.

      Ahadit of Ghazwatulhind are reality, just like other Ahadith which constitute our daily practices . There was a time when I had doubts about Ahadith of GhazwatulHind and I thought them as if they are either fabricated or perhaps un-authentic and/or over-projected. But after making research and digging books of Ahadith, I came to know there is a chapter by the name of GhazwatulHind which contains multiple Ahadith and this book is the one of the most credibel books of Ahadith, the Sunan-Nasai. Muslims in the past never doubted them and rather this hadith has been a reason for Muslims to conquer Hind in the past. So people who are calling GhazwatulHind a “myth” are actually speaking against credible, authentic and undeniable Ahadith and should fear Allah. Weather somebody believes in that or not, but Muslims as a believer know Ghazwatulhind is aught to happen and the ones who believe on Ahadith will definitely prepare themselves for the day which is sure to come. But When, which month which year, this is not sure.

      • Pakistan Says:

        They are even present in MASNAD AHMED which is also authentic after SAHI BUKHARI AND MUSLIM.

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        You are one of few people who have reached the point I wanted to highlight.

        First if you deny reality, you don’t win your case but when you accept reality, you must embrace the way it is. There is no talk of Pakistan anywhere in this Hadith and people across the border who kind of mis-interpret them to gain political or militant gains are as much wrong as much who try to deny these Ahadith.

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        Absolutely NOT! Please refrain from spreading religious hatred between people of the land. If it is GhazwatulHind, Muslims of India will feel equally compelled to defend their homeland as if Hindus, Sikhs or Christians would do. So correct yourself and never promote messages of hatred like that.

      • if indian muslims will defend india than they are not muslims.but they are hindus than.a person cant be a muslim if he stands by mushrikeen like ghzwatulhind mister correct your beliefs and iman

  7. tashfeen – Sir, Thank you for your service and protecting this country from domestic and foreign threats.

    Is there any other way than the bloodshed? I do not want to be in same category as what the animals did in 1947. Excellent point on ghadari, the biggest traitor m**** f**** on face of this Earth. I wish someone and whoever comes next in power seizes his assets and $200 Billion.

  8. dear fellows i just want to say that god who created this universe will always like to prevail only his religion, whatever it is for hindus it is hinduism for muslims it is islam and so on but only there will be one religion one day. it will not be not india or pakistan to do anything but whatever will happen would be from allah which none on earth will be able to stop. who created world is able to destroy it. when he will wish everyone believe a creator so is it not possible for him to destroy. he will keep it going till the time he wishes. if allah will wish to keep india or pakistan the whole world will be unable to destroy or if he will wish to destroy the whole world will be unable to save so pray to god to save us all. regards

  9. The fact is Muslims are not research oriented. As reported there were much more verses in the predictions of Namatullah Shah Wali, but only few are quoted. It seems that with the passage of time peoples have eliminated or change their place in the verses to create ambiguity & distortion for their interest. Every one is just quoting only the part which has mentioned in brass tack. No one is doing research work to find out from which sources the material was taken, & what the changing came into it in different periods of 800 years long. In fact this is the main reason, as to why Muslims are divided into so many different sects, & going towards degeneration.

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  11. CH.saleem Says:

    I have trained for this special occasion my gran father and my uncle fought these wars and now it has come on me to protect Pakistan I’m ready manmohan singh I’m ready to serve my country. Zindabad Pakistan jagtey raho Pakistan. Big Sal from pagehall uk

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Sorry Pakistan is not the context of this discussion as I have mentioned, Pakistan may not have much to do in GhazwatulHind either.

  12. pankajdehlavi Says:

    It seems now Islam is taking refuge of Saints. BTW, saint is an Indian concept.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      These are sayings of Prophets. Islam got completed at the time of Prophet Muhammad and nothing which saints say adds to it unless it was in line with what has been told already. There are “Sahi” Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH about GhazwatulHind and I have provided their references.

  13. False power of bought weapons from oil money no match for knowledge. Name one Islamic country country in the world that is civilized and knowledge worshiping. (Talibani destroying schools, killing Muslim school girls, destroying historic libraries …) Just some rich goons fooling poor muslims to sacrifice their life so the rich can rule. Oil wealth of Islamic world already waning. With a big war with India, US or Europe will just put them back to their business of being shepherds.

  14. pakistanis cannot fight with india even 1000 hours and these predictions are totally fake….. if 120 crore indians only do toilet on pakistan border all pakistani will die in that flood…and ghazwatul hind will happen with pakistanis not with brave indians. it should be ghazwatul pak.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      What you are mentioning is subjected to discussion but this discussion is on the authenticity of Ahadith and sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. If we can determine that these Ahadith are authentic, which I have by giving references then the only point would be are Ahadith in general truthful or not and that will be very easy to conclude with half day of research on the sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Are you ready to go on that path?

  15. Becho becho ghazwaye hind ka churan. Bewaqoof banayo Pakistanio ko. Is mulk e ghalazat may jaha 18 ghantay loadshedding hai. Jaha taleem nahi hai, jaha randi baazi aur ayaashi hai, us mulk ki baat kartay ho…***** pakistan par.

    1. Pakistan GDP is 200 Billion USD, India GDP is 1.80 trillion dollars.
    2. Pakistan kay pass na pani hai na bijli, chalain hai india ko fatah karnay, ******.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      I have written a post mentioning that event is not about Pakistan but Muslims and their war with India. Remember it is not Ghazwa-e-Pak-o-Hind but Ghazwa-e-Hind. If you learn this is not mentioned in the constitution of Pakistan but in the books of Ahadith, you might have better understanding of the topic. Also, there is a movement going around in Pakistan to degrade and dispute these Ahadith and this is blog is an attempt to know if those Ahadith are true and if they are, if they are relevant now or gone passed already.

  16. Dinesh Audichya Says:

    Full of pak *****.

  17. Assassin!! Says:

    You pakis live only because India has mercy on you!!! And remember! ! If you cross your limits and keep spreading hatered among men, It wont be long before you face a playback!!

  18. Muhammad Hanif Says:

    Insha, allal Pakistan will become the superpower of the world

  19. Lord shiva has given 1400 years to Muhammed the incarnation of demon Tripurasur, whom lord shiva had revived as a prayer of the king of demon Bali, A current has fallen recently on makka masjid to remind the muslims that in 2021 their time of 1400 years will be completed. Anyone can see how the power of muslims is declining, and in very short span of time the religion of islam will end. before islam several times such other religions have made troubles more than the islam had given, but all have to be ended. one should know that hinduism is a neverending religion and is from initial time, muslims are very new and if they say they are old then they will take the name of their ancestors as ram and krishna.

  20. Rafaquat Hussain Says:

    Pakistan aur India ke beech mein already 4 war hi chuke hain, lekin prediction ke anusaar 4th war hona bacha hai.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      As per Gandhi jee, every war would be bloodier than earlier. If you follow the prediction, you know only 2 wars have taken place.. or if you consider 1948 the first one, then 3 wars have taken place.

  21. Muslims have to unify and shun divisions amongst them and hold the rope of ALLAH Firmly.

  22. Muhammed sameed Says:

    Oh you hindus say good and polite word and everyone knows that your future is only defeat

  23. “सभी का खून है शामिल यहां की मिट्टी में
    किसी के बाप का हिन्दोस्तान थोड़ी है ?”
    –राहत इंदौरी

    जब हमारे बाप तक पहुँच ही गये , तो हमारा जबाब भी सुन ही लो, राहत इंदौरी साहब …….. खून तो वाकई शामिल था मिट्टी में , वो खून जो आपकी तलवार ने बहाया था ……….
    पर अपने हिस्से की मिट्टी तो आपने कब की बाँट ली …….

    आपके बाप के हिस्से की मिट्टी पाकिस्तान और बांग्लादेश चली गयी ……..
    अब जो पीछे बची है वो मेरे बाप की है ।

    खाली कीजिये ……..

    हिंदुस्तान मेरे बाप का है ।

  24. there is a hadith in kitab al fitan … which says that a king of Jerusalem will conquer india … so we should believe in hadith not the predictions of niamatullah wali who says pakistan will attack india

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