Nostradamus & Nuclear War Lost by a Country symbolized by “Three Lions”

India_LionsSarThe vision lions reminded me of Nostradamus’ prophecy about India basing its animal totem of three lions on that of their British colonial masters. I introduced my readers to this interpretation in writings published 12 years ago, and retuned to the concept in my Mahatma Gandhi’s Prophecy bulletin of 31 December 2001.

Indian scholars wished to remind me each time I published the following interpretation that there are “four” lions in their animal totem tableau; however, as the picture above shows, one’s point of view only sees three lions at a time. A vision, be it mine or Nostradamus’ would see the same.

The following quatrain from Century 7 of Nostradamus’ prophecies was written in 1556 and could hint what Gandhi’s final Indo-Pakistani war in his prophecy might look like:


The prophet Nostradamus may have foreseen its outcome in Century 7 Quatrain 16. If the leaders of India and Pakistan could read this following warning, perhaps they would pause and reflect before they pass over the Line of Control, and send history out of control.

Entree profonde par la grand Royne faicte
Rendra le lieu puissant inaccessible:
L’armee des troys lyons sera deffaite,
Faisant dedans cas hideux & terrible.

The deep entry made by the great queen
Will render the place powerful and inaccessible:
The army of the three lions will be defeated,
Causing within a hideous and terrible event.

In 1996 I wrote the following interpretation for this quatrain in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies:

“In 1985, Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, was gunned down by Sikh separatists who had infiltrated her bodyguards. The murder was in retaliation for her ordering the Indian Army’s bloody attack of Khalistani guerrillas holding out within the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The ‘great queen’ could be Mrs. Gandhi or her granddaughter, Priyanka, who is being groomed for power by the Congress Party. The army of ‘three lions’ is the Indian Army, (the Republic of India has ‘three lions’ huddled together in its federal device). If Nostradamus is not alluding to this incident, perhaps, he is implying some future defeat of a descendant of Gandhi in a war over Jammu-Kashmir and the Punjab. The final line could describe a breakdown of Indian society in the wake of sectarian violence after the defeat. Or perhaps ‘within’ something worse. Maybe our prophet is warning of a plague from ‘within,’ in other words, a radiation scourge caused by a nuclear disaster at the atomic plant near Mumbai (Bombay), or from a nuclear bush war with Pakistan sometime between 1996 to 2026.”

Exerpt from:
Mahatma Gandhi’s Prophecy, 31 December 2001
Quoting from pp. 510-511 of “Nostrdamus: The Complete Prophecies”


On the Winter Solstice, and exactly 4 years before the most accurate prophecy ancient clock, the “Long Count” of the Mayan Calender, runs out of time — to what apocalyptic end, either of doom or revelation, is not certain — the Trident-Oberoi and Taj Mahal hotels in Mumbai reopened for business. The dead terrorists and their victims have been buried or burned on pyres, the blood in the halls of hotels washed clean. The façade of normalcy in traumatized Mumbai hides the seething passion for revenge and a reckonning with Pakistan. The cool Indian winter months might suppress these nationalist passions, but come mid-February, when the subtropical heat rises, what will come as a consequence of the following issues laid before the government of Pakistan by that of India on the Winter Solstice?

The surviving terrorist prisoner is using the last weapon left to him well. His tongue spits out rapid-fire evidence of extensive rogue Pakistani involvement in the training of his person with tacit support of some Pakistani military and government elements. He and his squad of attackers are a handful of hundreds of other terrorists, trained in camps in Pakistan, poised for future attacks on Westerners in India and even the West. As Mumbai hotels celebrated their opening in defiance of that terror, New Delhi demands its opposites in Islamabad do something, and soon, to control its militant proxies and militants operating inside Pakistan.

Islamabad, so far, has done nothing.

When the air starts getting hot and sultry in the sub-continent, and if Pakistan remains recalcitrant about its own home grown terror camps, India’s air force and paratroopers may lay fire upon them, before flame trees and jacaranda’s of the hot season bloom.

We will be on the brink of an Indo-Pakistani military confrontation when punitive attack happens. Part Six will show just how much a confrontation of the near future in 2009 may look more like a crisis from the near past back in 2001-2002.



35 Responses to “Nostradamus & Nuclear War Lost by a Country symbolized by “Three Lions””

  1. till we leave we promise to our mother land Bharat ma if such attack comes we will as a citizen and a Hindu will retaliate to the attack to kill our enemy as for the 4 wars with pakis we the Hindustanis have defeated them 3 times in a war we accept challenge of the 4th war and for china we will fight till death but wont be their slaves.

  2. While i agree with the concept of Ghazwatulhind, but one thing Nostradamus was no prophet ,please correct it.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Hello Mudasir,

      Thanks for your advice.

      Nostradamus wasn’t a prophet but a seer. I do not think I have described him Prophet anywhere. Prophecy is something different.. it means “A prediction uttered under divine inspiration”. I hope this would clarify.



    • As per nostradamus
      Islam countries will come to an end, there is no way muslims defeat christians and Jews HIndus combined.
      Israel will lead in defeating Islamic countries as they have done in seven day war before.
      Islamic countries are dependant on Christian countries for second hand weapons and pakistan is Junk yard for all these weapons.
      Only Saddam had guts to face chrisitan onsluaght muslims let him down he was a truly savoiur of Islam not these idiots of Saudia or begger pakistani rulers who beg washigton for money,

  4. pakistan shall remember their defeat in three war and should see our air force which will destory the pakistan and islam totally from south asia

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Militry Musicle is not a dominating factor which produces victories. If it had been true, America in Vietnam, Giant Russia and Mighty America in Afghanistan (which is 100 times stronger than India) must had won their battles.

      Also, In the last 5000 years, no one won won a battle against Pakistan’s Pashtoons and tribes which are foretasted to bring India down. Read Niamatullah’s Predictions that India would take-over 1/3rd of Pakistan but would be pushed back and defeated after 3 failed attempts to cross Attock River. Bad news for India is that Niamatullah’s 100% predictions has been true and some 80% of those has already been witnessed. India defeated Pakistan in 71 and that was also fore-told by the same saint.

      I wish “mighty Indian Air-force” a good luck but fate is written.

      • Failure to go past attock river doesn’t mean Indians will retreat but means that it will be a new Indian border boundary. So how come its a defeat ? Might be possible that Indians are unable to defeat pashtoons. But, pashtoons can only defend & not attack. Tribes are not expected to attack with AK-47’s on their horses & push Indian forces out of Pakistan !!

        Why would they need to… They will be living free in their lands, they care a damn about Shia Muslims & I think they will be OK with India ruling Shia Muslim parts of Pakistan.

        Regarding fate, it can be rewritten as just a single prayer accepted is enough or practically just a change of strategy is required. I also wish good luck to pashtoons & Pakistan to maintain an already written fate.

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        Hello Arvinder,

        Pashtoons are not separate nation in Pakistan but are proud citizens of this homeland. Just to remind you a bit, when Kashmir got liberated (the AJK), it were Pashtoons who entered the Kashmir and retained their positions against organized Indian army. These are the same Pasthoons who has defeated Russia and now America and their recorded history of last 5000 years says they never let anybody occupy their pride lands. You might want to study about it further in the library.

        Pashtoons would not resist against Indian Invasion is speculation. Facts state they always and proudly so, defended Pakistan in the past battles and why they would not do this again is not understandable, specially if this is some battle that has religious values to Muslims. Should I mention how strict Muslims they are?

      • Please read about hari singh nalwa. He defeated afghans in their own backyard with a handful of soldiers in his army. never underestimatimate the power of sikhs..

        P.S- Washington D.C wanted to erect Hari Singh Nalwas Statue In white House as an inspiration for their army.

  5. nick mantel Says:

    these prophecy was about the great queen meaning british empire dumb people and has already came to pass not gonna happen in near future ….which the british took control of india by defeating the indian army …do ur research first and then talk ….

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      I wish you had spent 2 minutes reading and understanding what Ghazwatulind says and how Nostradamus’ predictions fit into the that. If that had been the case, you must not had looked that lost in your comment.

  6. samma nasir Says:

    the three lions that they talk about is iran , mughal empire in india & sri lanka …(also see the masonic symbol of mughal flag the lion and sun rising from behind)

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      That’s a new angle of putting it, can you please explain what is your source to approach that conclusion then it will be helpful for all of us.

      • The hindu warrior Says:

        First of all sir why shall we accept such muslim point here is that more no of muslims live in india as compared to india. And another thing which i want to correct in ur post is that nepal is also an hindu state

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        You don’t need to accept any prophecy to research on that. Infect research may lead to busting any prophecy and we can help others to correct their ideologies. But the fact that many prophecies which we learned through Islam has already come true makes us conscious about them and this one in particular which is about an important country of ours. Nosterdameous is not the first person to talk about it, Prophet Muhammad PBUH has told Muslims about it, Niamatullah Shah has told his deciles about it, Mahatma Gandhi has hinted about it and the list goes on.

  7. The hindu warrior Says:

    The foremost thing which i can see is that if india can crush pakistan in just 15 days in 1971 then in 2012 it is not an big task for an army of 3.14 crores to handle these blody motherfucker jihadis

  8. ghazwatulhind Says:

    If you read prophecies mentioned by other sources then you will find it is bit more than India-Pakistan conflict as Afghans, Iranians and Turks are also told to be part of it. So we are not merely talking about Jihadis here. However Jihadis themselves can cause huge turmoil as we have witnessed in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s FATA.

  9. RamRahim Says:

    Juxtapose these predictions made centuries ago with the realities today and we get the picture.
    Why do we have to think about only war? What about education, healthcare, infrastructure which are pretty much in shambles in both the countries! Why can’t we work together for an age of peace rather than look for predictions and conspiracy theories to promote warmongering.
    Predictions made are always circumstantial. Compare them with any of the contemporary happenings in politics and they will always make sense. ‘The queen’ mentioned above may be Indira Gandhi, Russia, The queen of England or Bhutto. Put these prophecies to the life and times of any of these women and we can always make them work.
    Can’t believe people are so stupid as to freely follow them and do nothing about the more palpable issues of poverty, crime, the dereliction of society and so on. All we want is war! We don’t realize that its the politicians of the two countries who at at war over geo-political strategies, nuclear weapons, water disputes and for their own personal motives and NOT the populace of the nations. Its an irony that two nations that share the maximum in terms of culture, cuisine, language, customs and so on compared to any other border sharing states, we are the ones most at suspicion of each other.
    This suspicion has arose primarily through the media of both countries, be it the daydreamer, Zaid Hamid being called on TV shows or the broadcaster of the most stupid stories to be aired on television, India TV. Television is not a source for any truth and one needs to realize it because it is always used as propaganda and to propagate fables which has no relation to reality. Internet is the only place where free speech and free flow of information is available and it a pity to watch it being polluted by hate speeches wherever there is any kind of interaction between the people of the two countries be it youtube, twitter or any other website where discussions take place.
    I also do not understand why certain people of Pakistan, despite their historical and cultural proximity to the people of India and being equal citizens in the subcontinent, express their desire to be identified with their inclinations towards foreign invaders like Mohammad bin Qasim, Gazni, Ghori, Nader Shah? They were all foreigners! In fact Mohammad bin Qasim, an Umayyad general from Arabia, attacked Sindh, an area which is very much in Pakistan today. Is Pakistan glorifying the marauder of its own nation?
    I just wish to say that for the time being the two nations are not in a position of fighting a war, let alone one of the size and magnitude that has been mentioned in these prophecies. I would be suicidal and counter productive. People are already living in rags, what more abyss do we wish to familiariza them with?
    I may be a Pakistani or an Indian or even British but all I wish is that we reach a peaceful solution to all our problems. And never believe the politicians, be it the British who created all this mess or the Pakistanis or the Indians. The people of the countries must stay united and peace will eventually prevail, if we are looking for it

  10. wait for me and i will sweep islam from the pakistani were hindus and in future you all will again becomes hindus. read this nostradamus prediction and takes inner pleasure, “after seven year of furious warfare,the muslims will be totally wiped out.there will be no trace left of either makka or madina.hindus will be avenged a billion times over. the creed of muhammad will vanish forever.and if you don’t believe search in the internet.

  11. fsddsfvds Says:

    wait for dajjal

  12. no one will help pakistan when it comes to terror.pak is a creation of hate towards hindus.conspiracy theories will not help. pak has neither history nor geography and neither past nor future.your history books are false propaganda.believe me, i have wonderful muslim friends and i will always be with them.islam DOES NOT HATE. sorry boss no iran,no china and only india for you guys and.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      May I correct one aspect that this is not a theory. There is a propaganda about GhazwatulHind being fabricated and this is factually a propaganda in itself. Ahadith of GhazwatulHind are authentic and are sayings of the Prophet of Islam. You may disagree with Islam in general but if you are its follower, there is no point in considering them fabricated. This whole blog is full of articles which have discussed the same issue to prove authenticity of those sayings of Prophet of Islam.

      Islam does not hate and there is no point of hatred in entire saying of Prophet (SAWW) about India or Hind. Look at another example to learn this aspect. Prophet of Islam has foretold destruction of the world and total annihilation of humanity. Would you read it as Islam hates world or humanity?

      The royal arm for british army till 1700 had three lions, India neer had a queen but england did and their penetration into the subcontinent left a rift b/w india and pakistan

  13. learn to love us OR fear god.

  14. “Nostradamus & Nuclear War Lost by a Country symbolized by “Three Lions” |” Electric Blinds
    ended up being a terrific post, can’t wait to examine more of
    ur postings. Time to spend a little time on-line haha. Thanks -Susanne

    • Vikrant Khatri Says:

      Inshah- Allah, no matter what prophecies say, we have survived bloody periods in history. Though in 2013 we don’t have Shivaji Maharaj like personality but trust me on this. Hindus or non muslim idol worshipers are far more determined to kill rather than get killed. Thanks to Islam and its followers, hindus have learnt to fight back, retaliate, take revenge, use cunning in human practices to ensure enemy is killed. If ever there is an attack, you won’t find Hindus running for help and begging for life,you will notice exactly the opposite.

  15. AsuraNashaKalki Says:

    ;), India survived for a reason, the scourge of Kalki will be upon the low born bedouin nations. We have our own prophecies

  16. noone needs to attack pakistan .they are already in deep shit.If someone is going to attack pakistan then its going to be christians.while india is concentrating on internal problems pakistan wants to keep fighting a war which they can never win alone.As an indian i must say we are not bothered about pakistan but china.

  17. well done on being reminded of a country by three lions..but the problem is it has four lions..the actual three lions symbol first used by the british…and if you observe…the three lions symbol is still a badge on their cricket team.

  18. Hmm. So this is how your aforementioned explanation is wrong.

    1. The Indian emblem shown above has four lions not three. One being hidden from view by the first lion.
    2. Which is the only country in the world which is ruled by the great queen? It’s England.
    3. What’s the royal arms of England?? Three lions all on top of each other.

    So basically if you’re talking about a country with a three lions symbol then it’s definitely not India because the Indian emblem has four lions. The only country which is the possible answer is England. But how will the English nation be destroyed. The seer must be talking about the British empire which is now defunct. Anyway please do your research before publishing hearsay.


    Army of Three lions is not Indian army. Royal Arms of England which has 3 lions as symbol

  20. Indian emblem has four lions not three. England has three Lions emblem

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      That is true that Indian emblem has 4 lions in total, bu any vision shows you only 3 lions, regardless of which direction you look at. Even Indian coins show you three lions as their National Emblem.

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