Mahatma Gandhi’s Prophecy – 4 Wars with Pakistan

“The Partition of India will be the cause of Four Wars with Pakistan.”

mahatma-gandhiBefore Gandhi’s martyrdom, and before he received the title Mahatma (great soul), he prophesied that any partition of India would magnify the historic discord and suspicion between Muslims and Hindus in South Asia. Partition, he said, would destine India and Pakistan to fight four wars — each more terrible than the last.

Gandhi lived to see the first Indo-Pakistani war erupt in the mountains of Jammu-Kashmir at the close of 1947.  In 1965, India and Pakistan fought a second and much larger war over dominion of Kashmir across the frontiers of West Pakistan.  A third and even bloodier Indo-Pakistani conflict came six years later in 1971.


It remains a question that why Mahatma Gandhi did not reveal result of 4th and the final war. Had he revealed the results, Indians would fight that with higher level of moral. Is 4th war of Mahatma Gandhi the battle of Ghazwatulhind?  According to Muslim Scriptures, this war will be one of the toughest and that is why Muslim Warriors are promised of great reward in case of “Shahadat” (the one who dies in the battle field) or being “Ghazi” (survives of the battle).  According to Muslims, this War will be won by Muslims and Muslims will chain the Sultan of Hind. Is it a fact that India will lose the war? Are these prophecies really true?  Considering Mahatma Gandhi’s Prophecies, 3 of them have been true already… Want to bet on 4th?


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  1. Son of a ****..the bunch of bloody muslims…next time u try to invade india…we hindus fuk your ************************ and produce new clan of muslims other than shia & sunni…last 1000 years hindus were tollarable but now you see post godhra, post babri, mumbai and other places…look all the countries, communities (jews, crstians, hindus, budhhists, any all the non-muslims) are now together fight against terrorism (actually fight with muslims) and 100s of 1000 of iraqi, pakistani, afgan, uighur are slaughter every day…in your quran also mentioned upto 1500 hizri…so be careful and redy to go to zahannam…here we all fuk your *********…

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Dear Friend,

      I understand that prophecies of fall of India are not pleasant to hear but that does not mean you start abusing the prophecies and specially when they are said by somebody as great as Mahatima Gandhi himself. Purpose of combining these prophecies is to discuss and understand their credibility and if they are true at all. I would expect something more sensible and wise next time.

      Just another note, Its always mentioned that Hind will fall and not Hinduism. So be mindful of this difference next time you post.

      • plz clarify whats the mean of hind fall u ah

      • Well, here is the debate/problem, Muslims can call Muhammad as a prophet and believe in him, but what about non Muslims – hence ur argument won’t stand. Second thing Gandhi was not prophet by any means and he has not given any prophecies, I have done PHD (Doctorate) on his life and teachings. But never seen any write-up related to prophecies. So having said that.. I am an Economist by profession, So I know with current maths, Pakistan will be fractured and mutilated state like Cuba or Panama , considering 2 great powers are raising and struggle of dominance will happen as proxy wars and AFPAK, Yemman, Kenya and Nigeria will be bettle grounds.

        After BRICS Bank creation, things will expedite and as fist loan takers will be those countries (Pakistan, Afganistan and African countries) and hey will be pushed more and more into debt and that’s how banks benefit and that is how superpowers survive… Having said that, if at all this (ghazwatulhind) will happen, it has to wait for at least couple millennium.

        Pakistan on the other-hand has to transform itself into something on the lines of France or Germany, considering at present India’s Defence and Infra budget is equal to the combined GDP of AFPAK, Yemman, Kenya and Nigeria. Pakistan’s technologically outdated procured defence equipment won’t help now. For Crist sake, Pakistan doesn’t have choppers to fight right now, forget navy equipments, and fifth gen fighter planes.

        Let me explain: Pakistan has nukes and equipment send them across.. but other countries like India, Isreal, China and West have technologies like Iron Dome and multilayered defence mechinism for missile penetration. Which make the whole nuke system worthless irrespective of country. So the whole argument of ghazwatulhind needs to rest as per now.

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        Thank you very much for your post and filling your talk with sense instead of emotions.

        Non-Muslims obviously don’t believe Prophet Muhammad PBUH from a religious perspective but can we gauge his sayings against reality as of today? An event connected with GhazwatulHind is arrival of Dajal and Prophet PBUH said those will be the last hours of Dajal’s arrival when you find bare foot cattle grazing Arabs compete to build tallest buildings. Who could imagine desert sand could hold tallest buildings let alone cattle grazing Arab would have money to do so and that too against each other? You may have reasons to be cynical about GhazwatulHind but can we be cynical about rest of his sayings about end of times? If you find his sayings are coming true and there is a whole long list of his sayings which has come true already, you can start taking his words on GhazwatulHind with more seriousness. Does that sounds reasonable? You may say why should I believe on GhazwatulHind but can you say the same after witnessing the timeline when it was told to happen be actually true.

        Gandhi was not a prophet, agree and I couldn’t find reference to his predictions from an Indian documented resource. My resource of learning on this is predictions is John Hogue and I have given reference to that in my post. Let me acknowledge that I am less than confident on these predictions and would want to find their source. However minus 4th war, if you look at his predictions, they actually came true the way it was told – if Gandhi actually predicted those. But that may be a “post-diction” instead of “pre-diction” and I am willing to learn more on that.

        Another misconception about GhazwatulHind is that it is Pakistan Vs India. There are few (more than one) religious scholars who using numerology or spiritual insight have filled in details. Obviously those details are not part of religion and can be true or false altogether but like religion, let’s test them before accepting / rejecting them. One such saint was Niamat Allah Shah Wali who some 800 years ago give us vivid detail of enslavement of India, Independence of India and creation of Pakistan, breaking of Pakistan and then Pakistan conquering India up to the area lying in the middle of Ganga and Yamuna. Niamat Allah Shah wali gives details about countries who would participate as well as country in the North making a defense Alliance with Pakistan “before” GhazwatulHind. Nimat Allah Shah Wali also mentioned that as a result of this war, Pakistan would initially lose Lahore and India would conquer Pakistan up to Atak River. Then Indian Army would be defeated 3 times in their attempt to cross that river and eventually Muslims will push back and conquere India up to the area lieing in the middle of Ganga and Yamuna. He also mentions that as a result of this war, not a single person would left alive in 6 miles radius who could light a lamp at night. Did he knew how much area is destroyed at the result of a nuclear drop?

        You analysis of economic station and Indian strengths are respected and taken. However wars are not won and lost because of economy alone. Economy can help you win a war before you start a war or sustain it but it doesn’t guarantee you would win or lose. I do not see Afghan was any way comparable to USA but did we witness defeat of America + NATO through the hands of ill-quipped, financially broke and politically unsupported Afghans?

    • IndianMuslim Says:

      Pradyut,What you say about 1000 Years Hindus tollarable?Where did you read History,Ohh Actually you uneaducated ,Brahmin controled history you read!!Actual thing is India only not your mother’s ,We Muslims Living here from Begining from this Human living!!Adam (AS) ,Shith (AS) also living here,See in Punjub,Shirhind here you can see his grave very old time his grave is there!
      So please change your Mind yourself,You Hindus are also origin of Persia(Arya origin).

      • Little knowledge, cannot be a showoff – Aryan did not originate from the Arab world, but from central Spain. More over Hindus don’t believe in Adam and Eve concept. It is more complicated and a little bit on the lines of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

        More over Brahmin did not control the history, but it was Kshatriya’s. Who were the Kings. U may not know this due to mutilated (in pakistan) and complicated history (worldwide).

        Islam is 1400 years old before it, our ancestors were preaching different religion.

    • Muslim India will Dominate Hindu India.You just showed the teachings of your religion and gods by using abusive language

    • habib Khan truely indian Says:

      four war have already happen,and in all four war paki losses,and 5 one will not happen because at that pakistan will be a histroy, gazwa e hind, ***** kuch kar k toh dikhawo,bhul gaye gori ko kaise maara tha,

  2. quite interesting information.

  3. Mr ghazwatulhind. I think it is the fall of Hinduism as well. The Arabs were the biggest mushriks in the era of Jahalia but they latter converted to Islam, the Arabs remain but their mushrik polytheist religion remains no more. After the Arabs of Jihalia, Hindus are the only remaing polytheist religion of such large scale in the world. When Pakistan captures India, the Hindus would probably convert to Islam the same way the mushriks of macca converted to Islam when the muslims captured it. So it probably means the end of mushrik polytheism in the subcontinent. Indians will remain but Hinduism will no more.

  4. anand singh Says:

    The 4th war did take place at Kargil. Was a 5th also fore told , what were the results ? How about dictators in Pak – how many more are foretold ?

    Education gives us the ability to discern. We seem to use it selectively to read what we would like to see happen.

    My apologies to those whose hopes are doomed to be dashed, but none of this will happen ( not to India at least).

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Every person who is not a prophet can tell a lie but a Prophet Cannot and conquering of Hind by Muslims as been foretold by Prophet Muhammad PBUH . Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH has mentioned that Muslims will conquer 3 great empires of its time.

      1 – Muslims will conquer Persia, and it has happened in the year 644 AD. Reference
      2 – Muslims will conquer Constantinople and it has happened in the year 1453 AD. Reference
      3 – Muslims will conquer Hind and this is yet to happen.

      You can trash down every single prophecy but not that of a Prophet but you are more than welcome to prove it untrue and get Muslims of India and rest of the world out of this effort.

      • Muslims did win India about 1000 years ago So, The Prophet’s were are true but it is not going to happen again atleast Pak cannot do it.

  5. Aurangzaib Says:

    don’t u guys count kargil war the 4th war ??

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Hello Zaib,

      This could be discussed that how many wars has Pakistan/India gone under and how many are to go yet however after the 4th war, there shouldn’t be any war as told by Mahatma Gandhi and also by some Muslim Scholars like Niamat Ullah Shah Wali. None of them talked about 5th war. Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH has only talked about Ghazwatulhind and has mentioned that after Ghazwatulhind, Anti-Christ will appear and same army who will conquer Hind will join Jesus-PBUH in his fight against Anti-Christ. Arrival of Anti-Christ has been mentioned by Prophet Mosses PBUH, Prophet Jesus PBUH, Prophet Muhammad PBUH and many other prophets before him. However Holy Prophet PBUH has given additional details about the arrival of Anti-Christ (Dajjal in Arabic) and one of them is Ghazwatulhind. So taking interpertation from sayings of Holy Prophet PBUH, if 4th war has already happened, Anti-Christ should appear in near future but there is no Muslim Army yet who has conquered Hind and as far as I can interpret, 4th war has yet to happen.

      Interpreting the prophecy of Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi mentioned that each war will be more devastating than the one before. If we take 1948 as the first one, 65 as the second one, 71 as the third one and Kargil as the 4th one, the intensity of Kargil War should have been even more than 1971 in which hundreds of thousand people were martyred (estimated between 200,000–3,000,000. Reference). In Kargil, the maximum toll would be 2,000 (Reference) of both sides which is way too low than 1971.

      Interpreting the prophecy of NiamatUllah Shah Wali, Niamatullah has mentioned a regional war will happen in the area of Kashmir + Tibbet and that will lead to full scale war, described as 4th war of Ghazwatulhind. Niamatullah also mentioned that 4th war will take place between two Eids of Muslims, Eid ul Fitar and Eid ul Azah and there lies a period of 2 months 10 days between the two. Karghil was not fought during that time period so if we take his interpertation, there has been only 2 wars so far and one regional one and one full-scale war is still due.

      • Mohsin Ali Says:

        One point more that proves that Kargil was not the 4th one.

        We cannot consider Kargil duel as a 4th war. Because, as mentioned in above prophesies, of those 4 wars, later will be more deadly and dangerous than the previous. Of 1965 was more deadly than which was fought in 1947~1948. The war of 1971 was more deadly than of 1965. Do you consider Kargil duel more deadly and dangerous than that of 1971? No, not at all. Nobody will say it. So, 4th is still to come! Let’s wait for the Allah’s wish!

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        If you follow Niamatullah, he says 3rd and 4th wars will be followed soon after the other. Niamtullah Wali talks of limited war in the mentioned regions (Kashmir, Azak Kashmir and even Tibet being part of it) which will result into 4th war.

        I take war of 1947-48 more of an adventure by the Kashmirs in which Pakistan as a state didn’t participate. So the first war he predicted turn out to be war of 1965 and then he mentioned a war in which country will be broken in to two. After the he talks of two connecting wars, 3rd limited one and soon after that the 4th war will errupt.. the war that will start between two Eids and will last 6 months or in some verses 6 years.

  6. mohamad Says:

    Abe chutiyon aur ******** and ******* Mohammad ki aulodon….your Pakistan mother is being ****** by USA & taleban…..uska bhoo**da bachao…..India to ***** ki gaand mar ke rakh dega….

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Mr Mind your language and what you write.

      If you dont have any intellectual criticism then please hold on to your vulgarity to yourself. Mind it, Muslims are 13% of Indian population (nearly 170 Million) and if you are targeting Islam then you are equally targeting them. I can see such a confusion you have between Islam as a religion and Pakistan as a Muslim state.

  7. There won’ be any 5th war dickhead because there won’t be any pakistan to fight the 5th one. Apart from the fact that you are now a subcontinenta leech full of naked and starving humanity, your great army will be coming at us with sticks n stones. The only reason Y we don’t wanr All India Radio from pakistan in because it’s not worth it. Forget being the torchbearers of Islamic civilization, Ur shitty ittle country doesn’t even be deserved to be conquered. We’ll just divide it into itte pieces and let you assholes fight over it. Asshole.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Hello Sunil,

      Your comments are rather a emotional bust instead of thoughtful response. Regarding 5th war, there is no mentioning of 5th war ever and as prophecies go, there has been 3 so far with another one to go. Additionally, it is never mentioned that Pakistan will win the war over India, its Muslims winning the war and conquering Hind. As the result of 4th war, India might be able to capture Pakistan’s territory but it is going to fall to the Muslims (who are said to join hands from 4 corners of the globe and fight against India) will eventually be the winners. It is even mentioned that Muslims will conquer India up to the area falling between Ganga and Yamuna and this is the area where Dehli is located.

      Pakistan might be a “dying leach” as you are putting it, but its will be Muslims who will fight the war. In the last 3 decades, Muslims have defeated USSR and United States of America in the wars and all before our eyes. I do not think India is any stronger than USSR or USA and is in position to win such a war considering its fragile integrity, increasing differences between Hindus and Muslims and the unprecedented rise of Naxals that are the imminent and serious threat to Indian Federation. I leave the analysis and conclusion to you.

      I would wait for any logical and thoughtful response from you on that.

      • Muhammad Rehan Says:

        As salaam u alaikum.
        Dear Viewers! Although they plans Allah also plans and Allah is the best of the planners: (Al-Quran) In Sha Allah the final victories to be with Great Muslim-e-Ummah

  8. SWASTIK... Says:


    yours well wisher,
    an indian..

    • ghazwatulhind Says:


      Its not war of Pakistan with India. Its War of Muslims with India. You are forgetting the fact that even Muslims of India will be part of this battle so who are you going to Nuke? Your own country? You need to study on this aspect before responding. There is quite a lot of information in this blog and many of the questions have been answered already. Try browsing it you will get most of your doubts cleared.

    • Mohsin Ali Says:

      Well, before the event happens, one cannot say if HinduShetan will defeat Pakistan or Pakistan will defeat it. When wars start and the decision of God comes, all ground realities and capabilities go in drain some times.

      In modern age;
      1. Afghanistan was not bigger than USSR, and is not bigger and more capable than USA.
      2. Vietnam was not bigger and more capable than USA.
      3. Kuwait was not more than Iran
      4. There are many more clashes where USA has to retreat.

      In past history;
      1. There are several Ghazwa’s (the holly wars faught by Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) and Sraiya’s in which Muslims were in less capasity and power. But Muslims captured the oponents.
      2. The bigger empires of Roam, Persia and Hind were ruined by Muslims.
      3. The great Abbasidhs and Umayadh’s cilaphats were turned down.
      4. Tatar’s/Mongols ruined the Muslims even bigger than them
      (In above point 3 and 4, I am telling you the history even it shows the downfall of Muslims).

      India is bigger or not more capable or not, this is not the very reason and scale of measurement that HinduShetan will burn Pakistan to ashes.

      Remember, Mulims have the power of faith and they fight based on this power of faith. And remember, Pakistanis are Muslims.

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        India is bigger or not more capable or not, this is not the very reason and scale of measurement that HinduShetan will burn Pakistan to ashes.

        In my opinion, India is going to either Attack Pakistan with Nuclear Weapons first or will violate some humanitarian norms so wildly that would rage the world and invite Muslims from 4 corners of the world to take revenge. Remember what Niamatulalh Describes that Iranian, Turks, Afghans and Dhakani will make an alliance and defeat India.. In another verse, he says, Chinese, Turks and Iranians will be on one side. Some 900 years back when he was writing all this, this must have felt something impossible but its amazing to learn that whatever Niamatulalh told has actually reached a point where it can turn into a reality any day.

    • Mazhar.Ali Says:

      In the Independence of Pakistan, Indian forefathers had predicted about the life of Pakistan up to 4 months. The nation who started its official record keeping on leaves and leather has become the 7th Nuclear Power of the world because of their own skills, abilities and and God gifted talent. Non Other Muslim country did this while having unlimited money resources. Why? Just because of you. In Sha Allah you will learn your lesson.

    • Muhammad Rehan Says:

      My Dearest Budi!


  9. Hello,excuse me i am not going to b fighting for you idiot….just bcoz there are 170million muslims in india doesn’t mean that they are sided with pakistan.Every muslim hates pakistan as every hindu in this country….just dont write off urself dickhead………….but one thing u pakis are only talk,talk,talk…thats it.first try to control ur own country from taliban..then try thinking abt others……..asshole….

  10. dear, it seems from the above discussion that muslims as a religion will unite and attack our country. this seems highly unlikely. moreover one cannot doubt the patriotic feelings of indian muslims. they are also indian like all other indians who live here and are no less patriotic. they will certainly fight against any country invading this country. however, you must know that future is uncertain and depends on the karmas of individuals. so the mass karmas of any nation will alter the future. you must also know that present politicians ruling this country are no fools, otherwise war between india and pak would have started just after 26/11. i do not appreciate the abusive language. discussion should be thoughtful.

  11. hey buddies,

    cool your heals ……its all politically motivated talks everywhere now…… we never know what is going to happen in the future ………….only almighy knows that…why dont we pray to almighty to keep us all safe and peacefull in this great country INDIA….India is great country with so many nice people……the Hindus Muslims Sikh chirstains…apas mein hai bhaibhai….
    very few people are there who are against mankind..and they spread hatred..pray to almighty that those kind of people be shown the right path too…………

  12. Islam did conquer India. They ruled it for almost 1000 years. The prophecy already happened. Are you blind to Mughal rule? Hinduism was attacked every minute during that time. Yet Hinduism still remains. India today is not a Hindu nation. Far from it. It is secular. Hindus are second class at best in their land. The Govt of India at taxpayers expense sends tens of thousands on sponsored subsidized Haj pilgrimages to Mecca. Is that what a Hindu nation would do? Hindu temples are the ONLY religious institutions controlled by the Govt of India today. India is a secular state, it recognizes not religion, but controls the vast moneyflow that goes into Hindu temples. Explain why please?
    The Archeological Survey of India has covered up and suppressed every major finding since it’s inception, carefully shaping the British Foreign Office’s plan. Hindu’s would retaliate in a flash if the truth of their heritage and history was ever uncovered. I bring your attention to the Barbari Masjid event.
    The truth would make all of you short sighted people here tremble in your boots. Muslims would go out and kill people in the streets wherever they are if they knew what was coming out of pure fear, desperation and a desire to live. America has embarked on a wipeout of Islam, supported by Britain and Israel and lists of thousands other institutions all over the world. For reasons in truth you cannot know and will not be allowed to know. And for reasons news channels and media are completely unaware of. Truth is far stranger than what you have heard. Again, you cannot handle the truth you don’t want to because you are scared.
    I would like to bring to your attention the transient nature of everything outside of the Vedas. All other sciences begin and end. You proudly mark your births and list the dates of events to corroborate yourselves and give yourselves validity. That which has no beginning has no end.
    India as a modern state will most certainly fall. Islam tried to wipe it out, and failed. Britain tried also, they failed. You can fight India, but you cannot fight the Dharma of the Veda’s. Pakistan has not but 20 years left by any account.
    Musharraf is loved by the Wahabi rulers of Islam, even I have photographic evidence of his special place in the Muslim world as commander of Islams only nuclear state.
    The nation of Russia is key in this whole mix. They will assist and displace Judeo-Christian power in the near and middle east – for a time. When they see what results, they will switch. The USA as it currently is will also become something very different, thanks to the patriotic citizens that are awake, awaking and armed.
    Hindus will also arm themselves very very soon. Thanks to the USA / Israeli military industrial complex. As sovereign beings that recognize the right to live freely, they will react with more fervour than anyone has ever witnessed – taking example from Sikh history. Information flows now more freely than ever before. Historical cover-ups are being uncovered. Islam is probably the worst criminal in the history of mankind – They will prove it to be so again before your very eyes. At that point it will be over for all of them. It just has to happen n front of you, and it will… Hitler was a monk compared to what Islam has done. Nazism, Socialism and Facism are nothing compared to the belief sets of Islam which is combination of all three.
    You really have to observe and understand to recognize all of this not read other peoples opinions. Philosophy is pretty much over in the Modern world of Murdoch mass media plugged information. Watch the TV too much and go blind is an understatement.

    Know one thing if ever attempting to discuss or debate truth with an educated Muslim –

    One thing: Al Taqiyah

    Our rulers have been aware of this fact since 700AD. Read the noble history of Christian Ethiopia. Which was for a time the closest thing to Christ’s real Christendom. Saudi Arabia was drawn up just like India’s borders were… Guess by who…?

    Be a jarhead. Empty your ego centered programmed brain. Then actually observe, understand and then report. Like a real member of an intelligent race. Funny then how your whole world will transform into something completely different. Dont be a coward though, otherwise you may as well pickup a Koran – No offense to open questioning Muslims intended. Every offense intended for blind, cowardly unquestioning slaves!

    • Mazhar.Ali Says:

      Whisful thinkings makes the man like a ostrich puting his head into ground having no fear of danger and busying with her eating…..My dear…..Muslims already have ruled over india over more than 1000 years………………So….Inshallah…………History will repeat it self nor in your case but also all over the world……..keep one thing in your notoreious mind…………Until any single Muslim is alive on this earth……jadgement day will not come…….what ever you can do……The message had been so clear in the pass……still clear and Will be very much clear………Look on Muslims history,,,,,,,they were less educated against the jews and chirstians when Islam took place….after that…..see their progress in every field of life…….why…..because great Satan (Devil) only fears to Muslims rather than Hindus…..Jews…..chirstians…Budats….etc…. on behalf of their true religion…….rest of the thinks are derived….fabricated….mixed……..transformed into evil purposes into the disgaise of….”Democracy” and many other things………Our God…(Allah) is everyone ‘s God…..Who is equally responsible for your food and progress as for Us……..But It dose not mean that You have got a lience of “Piousness” accutly….arogant……..motoreious…..biased……hypocrites….jaloused and have lurking fear of others progress and under the shadow of misconception………… The world will see the truth og great God’s promoise……”Islam (Muslims) Will rule over the world before the End Time come…….Inshallah…….It is God’s promise not mine……dear………..Keep it in mind…..That is the only rality…

      • Yes history should repeat itself from the beginning were Hindus were till Afganistan and Iran till Egypt. You and ur religion is no more the Joke u want to keep laughing after 4 losses and half country divided. Good … history should repeat itself.

  13. You mean, these great scholars forgot to mention the date of most important war..?

  14. surely, india will win 4th war with pak.


  15. Imam Mahdi AS will be coming before Isa AS. So probably this war will be fought under the order of Mahdi AS because hadith states that when muslims return they will find out the Isa AS has descended. if this is so then anti-christ will be living in that time of war. and I don’t find why this is not happening within next 15 or 20 years.

    This war will be won it has been my promised by Prophet Muhammad SAW.

  16. Islam=Peace Says:

    Enough of this ‘Ghaza-e-Hind’ bull-shit already. How come no one heard of this before last year? Its all a fabricated story to create more tension and fitna in the region. I don’t care who is funding you to do this, but you better pack up your shop and get lost, because Allah doesn’t like the mischief-makers.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Complete references to the books are available for your verifications. I am only sharing what I have found.. I am not the Ravi myself. If you have problem with the authenticity of Ahadith, you are welcome to challenge them or prove them false by providing counter evidence. I would publish your effort with honesty along with these references. But in case you cannot.. you might want to give respect to the narrators.

    • ghazwatulhind Says:

      Allah does not like the one who refuses to learn. There is more than enough evidence to understand weather the given Ahadith are authentic or fabricated. For more information, have a look at the following posts. And if you find any proof going against these Ahadith, I would like to learn from you. For now, you might want to study the books of Ahadith and understand how Prophet Mohammad has described the end of times and events unfolding about that time. Following posts have some information in this regard.

  17. If the Hadeeth turns out to be Zaeef (not true) then the future truly remains uncertain because scholars r not messengers of God and can be wrong.
    If the Hadeeth is true and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said this, then u like it or not there wont be any India ur missiles and nukes wont be any good to u
    There is one more point to understand. All the messengers of God were sent to specific ppl on specific times except the last one. Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to the whole mankind and till the end of the world, that is why he is so special and There will be a time when the Deen of Allah will prevail the world and enter every house in the world. It is not possible that the world will end without seeing the true colours of Islam. So its not abt india, every country in the world will become muslim when Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Isa (RA) comes. If u r not muslim then pray to ur stones and clay pieces he doesn’t come in ur lifetime

  18. Mohsin Ali Says:

    Please do not related the word “Pakistan” with that holly war to come. Please read below Hadith.

    It is narrated from Abu Huraira that he said: The Messenger of Allah (SAAW) made a mention of India and said, “An army from amongst you will attack India, Allah will grant them victory until they put their leaders in chains. Allah will forgive them (members of that army) their sins and when they will return they will find the Son of Mary in Syria.”

    Now, concentrated on the sentence “and when they will return they will find the Son of Mary in Syria.” Here , the word “return” shows that the Muslims who will defeat India will not be Pakistan. Most probably they will come from somewhere else, probably from Syria or Middle East. At least Pakistanis are the the Muslims who are to “return” to Syria.

    And please do not think that this incident has happed 1000 year backs when Muslims conquered and ruled India for hundreds of years. If so, those Muslims could have returned to Syria and could have found Isa Ibne Maryam there. So, most likely, this event is to come and the Muslims of Arabia and Middle East, most probably will be the conquerers of Hind. It may be that Pakistani Muslims will join/help them.

  19. Abhishek Says:

    I feel sorry for Mr. ghazwatulhind. If you truly believe the prophecy that you are talking about. You may also look at predictions made by Nostradamus, which clearly states defeat of Pakistan in Hands of a Country named after Ocean (Hind) which means India.

    Also rise of Anti Christ from the land of Pakistan is predicted. It gives me goosebumps of what religion can force man to believe, your god wants you to wage war against its non-followers kill them, seek violence.I feel sorry for your understanding my friend. You and your people do all this to sleep with 72 virgins in Heaven.

    Good lord, seeking a momentary pleasure can truly blind your perspective. Think from your brains not balls, and analyze, if Allah wants Muslims to wage war, kill people, he would not be god, he would be Satan. Yes, I guess, you are praying one which is evident from your writing here.

    This article has truly changed my perception of Islam. I never hated Islam, but now I surely do. God made all of us equal. But all prophet based religions divided us. Hinduism is the only Non Prophet Religion in the world, which is your trouble, and so with the Christian Brotherhood.

    I hope you get a clear perspective, and if god forbid a War happens, always remember, it was Pakistan which Started it, and India finished it with Victory every time. History will certainly repeat its course.

    Love n Peace.

  20. Mohsin Ali Says:

    Dear Abhishek: Islam is not a religion of violance. Islam means peace. Muslims can NOT be extrimists or violent at all. If you are talking about this particular subject of Ghazwatulhind, you sould also read its references and contexts. Before giving any comments, please do read the causes of this Ghazwatulhind.

    If you are talking in general about Islam, you should read the history of Islam (Start from Hazrat Mohammad PBUH’s era and the 4 Caliphs and so on) not what you are reading or listening in today’s western media. You must be saying all this based on Western media’s propaganda about Jihad. Today’s media is presenting wrong picture of Jihad. And Talibans and Al-Qaida is also NOT DOING JEHAD at all. Do not read news. Just go on yourself and read books and read basic principles of Jihad. One thing more. Islam says, “If anyone kills one man illigally, it is as if he has killed the whole mankind. And if anyone saves the live of one man, it is as if he has saved the whole mankind”. This is the soul of Islam.

    If you want further discussion, you can talk with me here.

    Four your information, not all Indo-Pak wars were started by Pakistan and not all wars were won by India.

    By the way, who is Nostradamus? He was/is not a prophet and not the Gandhi too. So, the prophecies of both these personalities maybe wrong. Mohammad PBHU is the true Prophet of God and His prophecies cannot be wrong.

    • a simple guy Says:

      well…if islam is not a religion of violence….then what is this ghazwa tul hind….holy wars etc etc??….plz do explain….

      m not comparing…but in hinduism…theres nothing like that…there hasn’t been a single hindu invasion or conquering etc etc…

      if the epics are to be seen…ramayan n mahabharat….those just signify the principles n how humans behave n shud behave in different situations…all the situations that a man can ever face in his lifetime r depicted….

      with actual holy wars that have taken place at the time of the prophet…n these stupid hadees saying allah will forgive the sins n blah blah….pls justify ur stand on how is islam a peace loving religion….i think it is…bt after reading all this….i need justification on islam being a peace religion!!!

    • Truth be said, if you do not publicise this ‘prophecy’, it will not happen. Frankly, you are desperately trying to bring it about through your actions and words. That is never how its meant to be. I can understand you motivations to do so, but there are some clear contradictions here.

      If this hadith was to be executed by the sons of Syria, then why is Pakistan the only country where Ghazwa-ul-hind is such a passionate point of discussion? Why have 3 of the so called prophesied wars happened at the behest of Pakistan and not all of Islam? Surely, The Syrians and Arabs should also be discussing and implementing it.

      Secondly, if the victor Muslim warriors are to return to the King of Jerusalem, then first Jerusalem must have an Islamic ruler. That is not the case, since Jerusalem is clearly ruled by Jews.

      Finally, the hadiths are interpretations or written-downs; in other words secondary sources. One can always refute their authenticity, with due respect. I am no scholar, but my fellow Muslim brothers in Pakistan can be rest assured that we in India believe in the book of Allah, and none of our scholars mislead us to turn us away from true Islam or against our nation.

    • hey Mohsin,

      At 4th comment what r u talking all wars started by Pakistan , 1st they attacked 1948, then they attacked 1965, 1971 east pakistan and 1999 kargil , go to school read the book , search internet, shit of nonsense

      • ghazwatulhind Says:

        There has been two actual wars in countries as a whole, participated. First was 1965, second was 1971. Conflict of Kargil was skirmish, as it was only in a specific area and didn’t escalate into a full scale battle.

  21. after all this war after jesus pbuh then all people will convert to infidels [hindus] then this infidels see the last day sun rising from d west.
    we muslim ll perish by then .
    hope we ll die as a Muslim.
    may Allah grant us peace in heaven .

  22. Junaid suleman Says:

    I don’t believe in such prophecy. Our scriptures does not talk about such prophecy

  23. Mohammad Rafi Says:

    I think this ghazwatul hind is an another laltopi of pakistan( zaid hamid). just bark bark bark.

  24. Dear brothers and sisters, i have heard a prophecy of nostradomous that a leader who prays god at thursdays.( So he will hindu). He will defend his nation against a large enemy and retaliate . And whole world will fly saffron flag, Just search it on google. (Or any credible site ). So muslims are gonna defeated.

  25. My Dear Indians!

    Your temper is too loose. Try to understand Pakistan is a reality. We are fighting against your paid pigs (TTP). Insha Allah we will wipe them out and then you jiters just wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Paki,

      do u think TTP is a mole or a short term problem, they are virus and wiping them is not possible, so live with it.

  26. Idian get ready to fight with Pakistan.InsAllah we will come and capture india. India is out destination not one is stop us from this

  27. Inshallah we are waiting for ghuzwa e hind …today moodi is a clear sign of this war….a chaey wala **** …..

  28. […] The 3rd and 4th war are looming upon India – and the 4th war will be India’s last. […]

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